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Mohammadian to Serve on TRB Panel Posted on Aug 8, 2019

Armita Mohammadian, PhD, PE, research engineer for FDH’s research and development division, has been selected to serve as a member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Panel 51-14, “Repair and Maintenance of Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridges,” conducted under the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis Studies.

The purpose of the 11-month synthesis study is to gather information on the practices used by bridge owners to repair and maintain post-tensioned bridges and to facilitate knowledge transfer across state transportation departments, aiding bridge owners in the identification of reliable repair practices.

Dr. Mohammadian specializes in the condition assessment of critical structures. She received her PhD in structural engineering with a focus on materials science from North Carolina State University. Her research responsibilities include nondestructive testing (NDT) of civil structures using advanced experimental methods to determine condition, performance, and location. She serves as principal investigator and technical adviser for sponsored research designed to advance the development and application of NDT methods for aging infrastructure.

The first meeting of TRB Panel 51-14 will be conducted in September at The National Academies in Washington, DC.

More information on NCHRP Synthesis Studies can be found at:  https://www.trb.org/SynthesisPrograms/NewTopicsNCHRP.aspx

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