FDH Infrastructure Services
NDT/SHM Products
To support critical infrastructure
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Trusted Expertise for Critical Infrastructure….
A global provider of expert civil and structural engineering and technology solutions
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Reliable Network Lifecycle Solutions
A trusted partner through every stage of the telecommunications network lifecycle
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Solutions for Utilities & Wind
A proven capability to determine foundation integrity and bolt tension
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Bringing Knowledge of What's Underground to the Surface…
A pioneer in the engineering investigation of structures and foundations
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Extending Lifespans of Civil Structures
A catalyst for enhanced safety and efficiency through technology
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Broadcast Tower Experts
With a 70-year tradition of excellence
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Engineering Innovation for Critical Infrastructure

FDH IS…. A pioneer in the engineering investigation of structures and foundations. A trusted partner through every stage of the telecommunications network lifecycle. A provider of expert civil and structural solutions built on decades of research and real-world experience.

FDH strives to achieve the best results for its clients and the critical infrastructure that keeps the world moving forward.

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Services We Provide

FDH provides a complete lifecycle of services to design, build, optimize, upgrade, and maintain wireless and broadcast infrastructure. FDH also develops innovative nondestructive testing and monitoring solutions for evaluating the condition of our nation’s critical structures, such as bridges, dams, levees, transmission towers, telecommunications and broadcast towers, and wind turbines.

Products We Develop

Products We Develop

With our deep knowledge of structures and expertise in commercializing research, FDH is developing innovative products to address the increasingly complex needs of owners to accurately assess and monitor the condition of critical infrastructure, as well as to optimize O&M budgets and extend asset lifespans.

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Markets We Serve

FDH provides engineering, assessment, monitoring, and construction services to critical infrastructure markets, including telecommunications, broadcast, power, transportation, water, buildings, and industrial facilities. FDH is a leading provider of structural engineering services to the wireless and broadcast industries. In addition, infrastructure owners and managers rely on FDH’s proprietary nondestructive test methods and structural health monitoring capabilities to evaluate the condition and extend the lifespan of critical structures.

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