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Access mats are critical tools for construction sites that traverse environmentally sensitive rights of way. Mat failure can cost millions of dollars in change orders, project delays, environmental damage, and remediation. FDH is part of a public-private cooperative of industry experts who have developed a new matting calculator (MACSUU) that uses site conditions, mat properties, and engineering methodology to estimate the performance of mats in temporary construction applications, particularly for eco-sensitive conditions, such as soft soils and wetlands.

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A Quantitative Solution for Predicting Access Mat Performance

For users looking to design matting solutions for a project’s access routes, which typically requires evaluating many mats over dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of points and soil conditions along the route, FDH makes available Matting iQ™. This solution uses the same methodology of the web calculator and evaluates in a single run the performance of up to ten mat solutions across an entire access road.


Five Performance Factors

To generate an evaluation, Matting iQ uses the soil deflection observations across the entire access route collected in the site walk survey, the maximum expected load conditions and the target desired performance parameters, including the maximum desired stress on the mat solution, maximum mat deflection and maximum bearing pressure on the soil.


Detailed Reports

Matting iQ produces graphical reports that use traffic light colors to show the expected behavior of mats along each surveyed segment of the route. The detailed results are shown for each of the five performance factors that the calculator supports and summarized in a table that consolidates performance across the five factors.

For more information on the Matting iQ report generator tool, contact us.

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Read FDH’s article on “Evaluating Access Mat Performance” in the July/August issue of Right of Way Magazine, published by the International Right of Way Association. In addition to the article, FDH hosted a webinar on how this tool is used to predict the behavior of access mats.

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