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Foundations iQ™

Unknown foundations are a major problem facing the owners of aging civil infrastructure, such as telecommunications and transmission towers. The global expert in foundation assessment and mapping, FDH has developed Foundations iQ, a proprietary tool that puts FDH expertise with nondestructive probing technology directly into the hands of owners and service providers, enabling them to determine the foundation type, map the dimensions, and evaluate the quality and strength of the concrete without disturbing the structure or interrupting operations.

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The Smart Solution for Unknown Foundations

In conjunction with FDH’s Smartwave D100™ portable, handheld console, Foundations iQ functions as an FDH expert, guiding crews step by step on how to rapidly probe the foundation, accurately capture test data, and safely upload it to the FDH cloud for expert analysis, saving significant time and labor, and avoiding costly and disruptive digging.


Bringing Knowledge About What's Underground to the Surface

Foundations iQ report findings provide detailed graphical analysis, enabling structural engineers to evaluate whether the foundation needs repair or reinforcement, or if it can safely carry additional loads.

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