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FDH Releases Women in STEM Video Posted on Aug 6, 2019

Today FDH is excited to release a new video, Women in STEM: Climbing High at FDH, featuring some of the amazing women who make up the organization’s diverse workforce.

The women pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) careers at FDH represent all levels and disciplines within the organization and consistently demonstrate the creativity and innovative spirit that drive the engineering firm’s growth in critical infrastructure markets.

“STEM career paths have some unique challenges for women,” emphasizes Krystyn Perez, PE, vice president of structural engineering, but she has never let those challenges get in her way. Perez has risen through the ranks over twelve years at FDH, starting as a project engineer in the telecommunications division. She now leads the structural engineering, broadcast engineering and A&E departments.

As FDH expands operations around the globe, continuing to build on our strengths in STEM fields, especially engineering, is critically important to the organization’s growth. The value of a diverse workforce of problem solvers who bring a multitude of perspectives and talents to solving client challenges cannot be understated.

Vanessa Hatcher, PE, water resources engineer, describes her experience at FDH on a STEM career path: “When we respect our differences and work together, not only do [we] get to share our gifts, but we get to help each other move through our challenges. And we get to create solutions for our world and maybe even make a few miracles.”

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