FDH Infrastructure Services

Field Investigations

FDH’s field investigation services are backed by the firm’s innovative nondestructive test (NDT) methods, which minimize the need for invasive, cost-prohibitive excavation and drilling. While FDH specializes in field investigations of tower structures, the company’s advanced NDT capabilities have been applied extensively to engineering analyses of bridges, dams, levees, and wind turbines. Learn about broadcast tower field services.

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Trained & Certified

FDH field crews are fully equipped and safety certified. An activity of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE), the STAR Initiative recognizes those companies whose safety programs adhere to a high level of safety training, accountability, and reliability. FDH is a long-standing NATE STAR member.

Field Investigation Services

FDH field technicians include certified tower climbers, directed by licensed professional engineers, and deployed throughout the United States and several U.S. territories.

  • Inspection
  • Foundation Mapping
  • Structure Mapping
  • Mount Mapping
  • Line & Antenna Mapping
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