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Communication and transmission towers are continually stressed due to various equipment and environmental loading conditions (wind, ice, seismic, etc.). To ensure the structural integrity and safety of these towers, periodic inspections are required by skilled inspection personnel. Inspections may also be necessary shortly after a significant weather or seismic event.

Smart Tower® is a proprietary, remote SHM system enabled by cloud-data intelligence to support tower maintenance and asset management. This intuitive, scalable system offers continuous monitoring and trigger-based alerts to help prioritize inspection response and maintenance schedules.


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The Smart Solution for Tower Condition Monitoring

The Smart Tower solution is comprised of:

  • Sensor Module (SM) – Produces tower displacement, twist and sway measurements via sensor system ruggedized for tower top installation
  • Ground Control Unit (GCU) – For external power and wireless data communication at the tower base
  • FDH Cloud Services Portal –  Intelligent tower data visualization with capabilities for threshold alerts and historical data analytics

Out of Sight, But Not Overlooked ...

Leveraging remote sensing with data transmitted wirelessly to our secure cloud servers, Smart Tower provides direct measurements of tower motions and enables analysis of conditions including, but not limited to,

  • Deterioration: Expose deterioration issues by comparing responses over time
  • Damage: Assess structures for damage after storms and prioritize inspections; detect permanent deformation
  • Stress: Calculate stresses using displacements with known structural model
  • Oscillation: Detect wind-induced oscillations, e.g., vortex shedding
  • Fatigue: Determine number of cycles exceeding fatigue stress limits
  • Damping: Determine damping characteristics
  • Activity: Detect ancillary activities like unauthorized climbers

All of these capabilities enable tower operators to maintain their asset portfolios more efficiently through data-driven insights and diagnoses.

Contact us today to make Smart Tower an integral part of your maintenance and capital improvement programs.

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