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NDT/SHM Solutions to Support Critical Infrastructure

Spending too much on your asset operations and maintenance activities?

Need to understand how the performance and health of your structures change over time?

FDH’s innovative, cost-effective solutions make the world’s critical infrastructure safer, stronger, and smarter.

Our nondestructive testing (NDT) and structural health monitoring (SHM) solutions address many longstanding challenges for critical infrastructure owners, operators, and service providers across multiple segments.


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Product Engineering That Extends a Lifespan

Communications & Transmission Towers

  • Determine if existing foundation is structurally sufficient to support additional loading when original drawings are not available
  • Avoid disturbing the site or interrupting operations with excavation
  • Maintain digital record of data captured

Foundations iQ™ can help.

Smarter Structures

  • Data-driven intelligent asset management with configurable automated alert generation
  • Continuous health monitoring inclusive of structure deterioration, damage, stress, oscillations, fatigue, and damping
  • Environmental or structural change detection to help prioritize onsite inspections

Our Smart Tower® solution can help. Contact us for a demo.

Wind Towers

  • Tower structural condition during and after extreme events
  • Foundation integrity and wear for life extension or repowering assessments
  • Faster, more accurate and safer bolt tension inspection
  • Cloud data-enabled operations and maintenance (O&M) efficiency analytics

Contact us to learn about Bolts iQ™ for wind turbines.

View FDH’s recent case study: Determining Residual Tension of Anchor Bolts by Nondestructive Analysis of Their Vibration Response

General Construction Temporary Access

  • Determine quickly and accurately which access matting solutions are optimal for environmentally sensitive right-of-way projects
  • Avoid potentially significant costs and project delays

Matting iQ™ can help.


We believe there is a smarter way to sustain critical infrastructure. With proven technology and solutions that tackle the challenges of condition assessment and continuous monitoring in novel ways, our integrated approach helps critical infrastructure owners and operators mitigate risk, reduce costs, and ultimately extend the life of their assets.

Smart Solutions for Critical Structures

Building on our deep knowledge of structures and extensive NDT field experience, FDH continues to develop innovative products to enable smarter condition monitoring of critical infrastructure to help optimize O&M budgets and extend asset lifespans. We are expert problem solvers! Read on to learn more about our product offerings, or reach out to have us investigate an unresolved challenge in your asset portfolio and devise a solution to address it.

  • Foundations iQ™ (Foundation Assessment & Mapping)

    Smart asset management for unknown foundations

    Unknown foundations are a major problem facing owners of aging civil infrastructure, such as telecommunications and transmission towers. As the global expert in foundation assessment and mapping, FDH has developed Foundations iQ:

    • Productizes FDH nondestructive probing expertise
    • Enables programmatic approach to determining foundation type and geometry across asset portfolio
    • Facilitates evaluation of concrete strength and quality
    • Eliminates excavation, avoiding structure risk and preventing disruption to operations


    Learn more about making Foundations iQ an integral part of your maintenance and capital improvement programs.

  • Smart Tower® (Structural Health Monitoring)

    Real-time monitoring of structural performance with historical, cloud-based analytics

    The FDH Smart Tower® system measures tower-top motion to detect problematic behavior and alerts operations and maintenance teams via cloud communications.

    Combined with expert engineering analysis, Smart Tower can be deployed to meet a broad range of project requirements.

    • Real-time measurements, analysis, and alerts for event-based condition changes
    • Long-term asset health assessments using cloud-based intelligent Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) data analytics

    Learn more about how Smart Tower enables intelligent, cloud data-driven tower maintenance and asset management, or contact us for details on our SHM offerings.

    See how FDH developed a custom SHM solution to inform and provide significant value to a renewable energy customer for a failing transmission tower in this recent case study.

  • Bolts iQ™ (Bolt Tension Measurement System)

    A faster, safer, more accurate solution for measuring bolt tension

    Inspection of tension in bolted joints is critical in cyclic loading applications, such as those found in wind turbines. FDH’s Bolts iQ technology will enable asset owners to increase maintenance efficiency and deliver data integrity faster with a safer, easier-to-use handheld IoT tool.

    • More accurate, direct bolt tension measurement (vs. friction-based tools)
    • Smart device enables expert system guidance and cloud data analytics


    To learn more about Bolts iQ or to participate in field testing, contact us.

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    Download case study

  • Matting iQ™ (Access Matting Report Generator Tool)

    A quantitative solution for predicting access mat performance

    Access mats are critical tools for construction sites that traverse environmentally sensitive rights of way. Looking to design matting solutions for a project’s access routes? FDH’s Matting iQ uses a web calculator to evaluate – in a single run – the performance of up to ten mat solutions across an entire access road.

    • Create a trusted evaluation using site visit observations, maximum expected load conditions, and target performance parameters
    • Generate easy-to-interpret graphical reports that indicate expected mat behavior along access route
    • Enhance risk control, minimize environmental damage, and reduce construction delays and unexpected costs


    Learn more about the Matting iQ report generator tool.

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