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Established in 1994 with its roots in university research, FDH was launched as a partner to the North Carolina Department of Transportation to identify a means for determining the length of in-situ bridge piles for which no (or limited) as-built information existed. This effort led to the development of a new, proprietary nondestructive test (NDT) method, employing dispersive wave propagation, which FDH has validated and utilized on thousands of bridges and other critical structures, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s aging inventory of concrete dams.

FDH has been awarded three U.S. patents (with one pending) for its innovative NDT methods: Mapping Method of Concrete Foundations (U.S. Patent 7548192), Determining Tension in a Rod (U.S. Patent 8096195), and Method for Determining Tension in a Rod (U.S. Patent 8176800). FDH’s patented NDT methods and proprietary data analysis techniques provide customers with the information they need to evaluate the integrity of their structures and foundations and to determine cost-effective strategies for extending their lifespans.

FDH’s early research innovations led to the company’s entry into the wireless market. FDH applied its proprietary NDT methods to the structural investigation of aging cell towers and foundations. This application ultimately minimized the need for invasive and cost-prohibitive excavation and drilling procedures, while keeping wireless networks running 24/7. The company has built an exceptional team of structural and civil engineers, who provide a complete suite of professional services for wireless sites, including concealment structures, water tanks, and rooftops.

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FDH was established in 1994 by two engineering professors and a graduate student from NC State University.

Growth & Expansion

In 2015, FDH acquired Stainless, a renowned leader in tall tower engineering and construction for the broadcast industry. Established in 1947, Stainless has built more than 7,500 towers in 100 countries. As a trusted partner to the industry’s top tower owners for over 70 years, Stainless is the broadcast industry’s go-to source for turnkey tower building projects, handling everything from drawing-board concepts to new finished towers. Stainless is also an industry leader in tower safety education and training. In its 25-year history, FDH has grown into a multidisciplinary firm that provides engineering, construction, field investigation, and research and development (R&D) services to customers in critical infrastructure markets. FDH is now a global leader in the condition assessment of civil infrastructure, a leading provider of structural engineering services to the wireless industry, and a leading provider of structural engineering and installation services to the broadcast industry.

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