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FDH has earned a superior reputation for delivering innovative, high-quality engineering, nondestructive evaluation, and construction services for critical infrastructure providers in the telecommunications, heavy civil, power, industrial, commercial, and government markets. FDH believes its success is directly linked to the knowledge and experience of its talented staff, which include certified field technicians, experienced project managers, and PhD-level research engineers.

FDH professionals hold licensure throughout the United States and several U.S. territories. The company’s expertise is the result of more than two decades of research innovation (which includes the award of three U.S. patents and one pending) and more than 25,000 investigations of structures and foundations in every conceivable terrain. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, the company continues to grow and currently has more than 150 employees and offices in nine states.

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Why FDH Infrastructure Services?

FDH is recognized as a global leader in the engineering investigation of structures and foundations. The company’s significant R&D investments, combined with decades of real-world experience, have generated innovative, flexible, and responsive solutions for maintaining today’s critical infrastructure, from towers, bridges, and dams to pipelines, parking decks, buildings, and more.

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A Proud History

FDH Infrastructure Services was established in 1994 by two engineering professors and a graduate student from North Carolina State University. The first research question the company investigated was for the North Carolina Department of Transportation. How do you determine the length and integrity of thousands of aging in-situ bridge piles for which no as-built (or limited) information exists? FDH developed a proprietary nondestructive test method, using dispersive wave propagation, to address this challenge. Three patents later, FDH continues to develop and deploy innovative technologies to assess the health of critical infrastructure.

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Management Team

Our management team consists of experienced engineering professionals, who understand the technical and financial challenges across multiple infrastructure markets, and who work closely with production field personnel in order to develop the solutions that deliver value to all our customers.

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Safety Leadership

FDH Infrastructure Services is a proud supporter and member organization of the 100% Tie-Off 24/7 Awareness Campaign. This campaign is an industry-wide safety initiative to raise awareness of the 100% tie-off fall protection requirement and drive home the message that there should be a zero-tolerance policy regarding this law. Many of the accidents that compromise safety in the wireless industry involve situations where the tower technician was not properly tied-off to the structure.

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Our Broadcast Division

Since 1947 Stainless has been a leader in engineering, fabricating, erecting, and modifying communications towers worldwide. As a business division of FDH Infrastructure Services, Stainless is the broadcast industry’s go-to source for turnkey tower building projects. Stainless designs and builds some of the tallest guyed and self-supporting towers in the world and has erected more than half of the broadcast towers standing in the U.S. today. A pioneering spirit, an expert team, and solid customer relationships built on trust drive the company’s continued success. Learn more about how Stainless can help resolve your biggest “tall tower” challenges.

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