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Scott Presents Novel NDT Approaches for Wind Towers at ACP O&M Summit Posted on Aug 23, 2021

Joshua ScottFDH research engineer Joshua Scott presents “Novel Nondestructive Approaches for Obtaining Safe, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Structural Maintenance Programs for Wind Towers” on demand at the American Clean Power O&M and Safety Conference, August 23-25.

Scott’s presentation reviews three nondestructive testing (NDT) approaches developed as maintenance methods. Two of these approaches estimate the residual tension of bolted joints, as well as foundation bolts, without utilizing hydraulic equipment.

The third method is a foundation inspection approach that can detect cracks and anomalies that are not visually detectable in wind tower foundations.

The presentation also summarizes the use of structural health monitoring for monitoring the dynamic response of wind tower structures and using data as a means to identify possible structural problems.

To register for the event and view the on-demand presentation, click here.

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