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Allen Presents Data-Driven Forensic Analysis Techniques at ACPS 2021 Posted on Sep 13, 2021

Bill Allen, PMP, broadcast program manager for Stainless, presents “Forensic Analysis: Evaluating Project Data to Assess What, Why & How a Problem Occurred and How Best to Solve It” at the 4th Annual ACPS Conference, Dallas, TX, Sep. 13-15, 2021.

ACPS gathers forward-thinking planners, schedulers and operations leaders to share lessons learned and transform approaches to managing risk, time and resources on construction projects.

Allen’s presentation on day two of the event covers:

  • How different forensic tools and approaches can be used to address what has happened on a project and how best to rectify and resolve delay claims
  • Tracking schedule delays with forensic analysis to come up with an action plan to proactively prevent claims and resolve disputes
  • Determining whether onsite activity is on track with the baseline and comparing the analysis to previous weeks to forecast risk
  • Reviewing the project post-completion and applying lessons learned to upcoming projects to mitigate future risks and reduce costs

A business of FDH Infrastructure Services, Stainless has built more than 7,500 towers in 100 countries and over 50 percent of the tall towers standing in the United States today. Since 1947 Stainless has been a trusted partner to the industry’s top broadcasters and tower owners.

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