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FDHV Safety Leaders on NWSA Task Force Posted on Sep 15, 2017

Tower ClimbingFDH Velocitel’s Don Doty, Pat Moore, and Adam Drieling participated in a newly formed task force of the National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) to develop a telecommunications tower foreman certification program.

The 40-person task force, representing a broad spectrum of industry professionals, convened this week in Dallas to develop the new credentialing program.

NWSA reports that the new program “will provide an independent nationwide certification for industry workers who supervise crews that work on communications structures, whether they are antenna and line crews, construction crews, or structural modification crews.”

Doty, a business leader for FDH Velocitel and its broadcast subsidiary Stainless, as well as president of the NWSA Board of Directors, said, “It is seldom that such a broad cross-section of the industry is gathered in one place for a single purpose, to develop the criteria that define the knowledge, skill and ability of a communication tower foreman. Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular), vertical real estate owners (ATC, Crown Castle, SBA), engineers, large and small general contractors, lawyers, consultants, training companies and many more, all have a seat at the table. I am privileged to be a part of this effort.”

The certification program is expected to take many months to develop, and the task force members will play a key role in building industry consensus and developing competency tests and related validation processes, with the end goal of achieving accreditation for the certification program under the ANSI 17024 Standard.

For more information on the new certification program and its development timetable, please visit the NWSA website.

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