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Clymer and Khan Discuss NDT of Transmission Foundations at TSDOS Posted on Sep 5, 2017

FDHV Presents at TSDOSFDH Velocitel’s Jeff Clymer, P.E., and Rakesh Khan, P.E., are presenting “The Value of Nondestructive Testing of Unknown Transmission Foundations” at the Transmission & Substation Design and Operations Symposium (TSDOS), September 6-8, 2017, in Frisco, TX. Clymer and Khan review a recent case where a lattice tower foundation was found to be insufficient during reconductoring of existing lines and how FDHV used a proprietary NDT method to evaluate the foundation condition and recommend a solution to augment the foundation without taking the line out of service. Clymer is Vice President of T&D Services. Khan is Director of Engineering, Heavy Civil Division. For more information on FDHV’s nondestructive solutions for transmission structures, visit the website.

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