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Mohammadian Receives Rising Stars Award Posted on Aug 10, 2020

Dr. Armita Mohammadian, PEFDH congratulates senior research engineer Dr. Armita Mohammadian, PE, recipient of the 2020 Rising Stars Award in Structural Engineering from the Zweig Group!

A leading research, publishing, and advisory services resource for architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms, the Zweig Group hosts an annual awards program that recognizes and celebrates top performers in the AEC industry.

Dr. Mohammadian was selected for her outstanding research contributions and extensive project work.

Dr. Mohammadian leads FDH’s research and development of innovative nondestructive evaluation (NDE) methods for assessing the condition of critical infrastructure compromised by age, environmental conditions, or flawed construction.

Building on the nondestructive dispersive wave propagation research upon which FDH was established , Dr. Mohammadian and her team of engineers and physicists focus on refining the company’s original NDE technologies and devising new solutions to solve the complex challenges of maintaining critical infrastructure, such as bridges, dams, levees, and communications, transmission, and wind towers. Her work has led to the filing of several provisional patents bearing her name, as well as development of additional proprietary techniques.

Dr. Mohammadian received her PhD in civil engineering with a focus on structural engineering from North Carolina State University, where she developed an electrochemical finite element model to predict the corrosion rate of metallic materials. She also worked on development of the electrical impedance tomography (EIT) imaging method to monitor corrosion of steel and moisture transport in concrete. Her current research at FDH investigates the use of advanced NDE methods, along with finite element modeling and numerical and statistical analyses of dynamic data, to evaluate the condition, performance, and geometry of critical structures.

Dr. Mohammadian serves as principal investigator, lead research engineer, or lead technical reviewer for research projects using FDH’s NDE methods. These include projects with Marshall University and Louisiana Transportation Research Center, as well as an in-house effort to apply artificial intelligence techniques to improve the efficiency of data collection and analysis related to FDH’s solutions for determining unknown foundations, bolt tension, and concrete strength. She has presented her research at leading industry events dedicated to infrastructure management and serves on research panels and work groups for the Transportation Research Board and American Wind Energy Association, among others.

With an ability to foster dynamic, multidisciplinary collaborations, combined with an unwavering pursuit of creative solutions to the problems of aging infrastructure, Dr. Mohammadian helps drive technological innovations that support the resilience and longevity of critical infrastructure in our increasingly interconnected world.

Congratulations, Dr. Mohammadian!

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