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Doty Comments on 2020 Repack Deadline Posted on May 23, 2018

Don Doty, regulatory compliance advisor for FDH Infrastructure Services and business development manager for FDH’s broadcast division, Stainless, recently discussed the FCC’s 2020 repack deadline with WirelessEstimator.com.

In a May 20, 2018, featured news article, Doty comments on Stainless’ April 30 FCC filing, which examines the practicality of the mandated 2020 deadline given the shortage of qualified tall tower crews. Stainless’ filing asks FCC to reconsider the deadline and to explore alternatives that would allow broadcasters to manage their repack transition safely and efficiently without compromising available resources.

Doty cites the transition to DTV nearly a decade ago as a cautionary tale that offers many lessons learned about the negative consequences of compelling contractors to ramp up for short-term deployment strategies in the niche broadcast construction industry. Read more…

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