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Scott Presents at CLEANPOWER Virtual Summit Posted on Jun 7, 2021

FDH research engineer Joshua Scott presents the results of FDH’s advanced research on nondestructive test (NDT) methods for bolt tension measurement at the CLEANPOWER 2021 Virtual Summit, June 7-10, 2021. FDH is also exhibiting.

Using NDT methods to predict residual tension of in-situ bolts on critical structures minimizes the inefficiencies and safety hazards associated with existing measurement methods. FDH has developed a nondestructive test method for accurately determining the tension of in-situ bolts and studs, without requiring the exact pre-tension length or field calibration. This method works regardless of whether torquing or tensioning has been used, and corrosion does not impact the method. FDH is currently pursuing third-party certification and is working to develop field-ready equipment.

FDH will feature forthcoming Bolts iQ™ technology at the CLEANPOWER Expo, December 7-8, in Salt Lake City.

For more information on Bolts iQ and other innovative solutions for critical infrastructure, or to inquire about participating in field testing, visit FDH’s products page.

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