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Scour Evaluations, Foundation Mapping, and NDT on USACE Bridges

FDH determined the foundation type and depth of multiple bridges; determined the structural thickness and reinforcing characteristics of several existing concrete box culverts; collected survey data and determined scour susceptibility of multiple bridges. All bridges evaluated were on US Air Force bases in CONUS. Using its patented Dispersive Wave nondestructive test method and other applicable NDT methods, FDH determined the unknown lengths of existing bridge piles and foundation (abutment) sizes, and identified reinforcing quantities in reinforced concrete structures for conducting load ratings. FDH also obtained topographic, soils, and hydrologic data in sufficient quantity and quality necessary to conduct scour evaluations for each bridge in accordance with the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) two hydraulic engineering circular guidelines, HEC-20 and HEC-18. 2D hurricane storm surge modeling and unsteady tidal, lake, and river modeling were performed for the scour analyses in some project locations. FDH identified all bridges that were scour critical or scour susceptible and provided the Scour Critical coding for Item 113 of The Recording and Coding Guide for the Structure Inventory and Appraisal of the Nation’s Bridges (Coding Guide).

FDH also conducted Phase 2 scour evaluations of approximately 20 bridges/culverts in Alaska and Hawaii (August 2009-March 2010) and Japan and Korea (March 2011-October 2011). Responsibilities included the development of technical policies and procedures required to complete the evaluation and the management of the team of engineers and surveyors assigned to the project. For those bridges deemed “scour susceptible,” plans of action were developed. Challenging aspects of the projects included acquiring site topography, bridge geometry, soil data, hydrology, and various other inputs in regions where data are not readily available.

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