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Gregg Fehrman, VP of Field Operations and Don Doty, Business Development Manager, discuss how the broadcast industry has adapted to the FCC’s Incentive Auction, announced by Congress in 2010, shifting spectrum from television and radio for increased mobile broadband usage. These two life-long industry experts explain how a lull in activity from 2010-2017, devastated the broadcast tower industry, how Stainless survived, the structural and field challenges for the final Repack stage, and how Stainless is coming up with creative solutions to help.


3/15/2019 15 min.

Laura Guy, director of NDT, breaks down FDH’s proprietary form of dispersive wave propogation for nondestructive testing and how the technology improves on the the general industry standard.

For more information on FDH’s NDT visit here

11/28/2018. 20 mins.

Dennis Abel, PE, chief engineer, discusses the implications of the Revision H standard on the tower industry one year since its October 2017 publication. Officially titled “ANSI/TIA-222-H: Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas and Small Wind Turbine Support Structures,” the standard, which became effective January 2018, provides guidance on minimum load requirements and design criteria. Revision H creates changes relating primarily to wind loading, existing structures, steel and concrete strengths, seismic analyses, mount analyses, and inspections and mappings.

View and share our free Infographic for Key Rev H Changes here:

Revision H Infographic


12/28/2019. 16 mins.

Armita Mohammadian, PhD, PE, discusses FDH Infrastructure Services’ nondestructive testing (NDT) capabilities and the partnerships that drive them. FDH is a pioneer in the research and development of NDT methods involving dispersive wave propagation. The company was founded in part on its unique NDT methods for determining the length of unknown bridge pile foundations. Since then its proprietary methods have been applied to dams, levees, towers, and wind turbines, among other structures and foundations.

11/08/2018. 23 mins.

Steven R. Strickland, director of construction management, provides insight on American concrete production, the best kinds of sand for certain projects, and his take on the realistic future of sand use. Mr. Strickland was invited to be part of an industrywide AEC podcast on Building a Greener Future.

This podcast is the second of a two-part episode. Scroll forward to 32:40 on the timeline to begin.


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