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Gregory J. McCray Named CEO of FDH Infrastructure Services Posted on Oct 8, 2018

Greg McCray, CEOFDH Infrastructure Services (FDH), a leading provider of engineering, nondestructive investigation and construction management services for critical structures, announced that its board of directors has appointed business and technology strategist Greg McCray as chief executive officer.

McCray will drive the company’s engineering and scientific mission, and provide strategic oversight for the company’s expansion into new infrastructure markets. McCray most recently served as CEO of Access/Google Fiber and continues to serve on the board of directors for ADTRAN, where he sits on the Audit Committee. He brings to FDH more than 30 years of business, marketing, sales, engineering, operations, mergers and acquisitions, management and international experience in the communications technology industry.

“FDH has an extraordinary 70-year tradition serving wireless and broadcast markets,” said McCray, “and will continue to be a key support to the telecommunications industry as it navigates through the broadcast repack and prepares for 5G mobile networking.”

“Equally exciting,” McCray added, “is FDH’s scientific role as a pioneer in the research and development of nondestructive test methods for evaluating the condition of aging infrastructure. FDH’s proprietary methods have been used to validate the integrity of new construction, investigate failures, and find ways to safely and cost-effectively extend the lifespans of critical structures for years to come. The innovative technology has wide application for a variety of infrastructure markets.”

In addition to his chief executive role at Access/Google Fiber, McCray has been the CEO at Aero Communications, Inc., Antenova Limited and PipingHot Networks. He served as senior vice president for Lucent Technologies’ customer operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and led Lucent’s sales operations for the Eastern United States. He held engineering and managerial roles at AT&T, Bell Laboratories and IBM. McCray also served on the board of directors for CenturyLink, Inc., where he was chairman of the Cyber Security & Risk Committee, and a member of the Compensation Committee and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

McCray holds a master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Purdue University, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University, and has attended executive business programs at the University of Illinois, Harvard University, and INSEAD.

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