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Greg McCray, Inducted into Iowa State University’s Engineering Hall of Fame Posted on Apr 5, 2022

FDH Infrastructure Services (FDH) is proud to announce that Gregory J. McCray, CEO, has been inducted into Iowa State University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Hall of Fame, a prestigious honor that recognizes the significant contributions of select alumni and faculty. Based on the merit of the individual’s work in their chosen field of endeavor and professional leadership, the award seeks to spotlight those who have made a significant impact because of consistent achievement, service and/or leadership. McCray will be joining the ranks of previous inductees including Richard K. Richards, who helped form the mathematics behind early digital computing concepts, and Clifford E. Berry, coinventor of the first digital electronic computer.

At the March 31st Hall of Fame award ceremony, Jonathan Wickert, Iowa State University Senior Vice President and Provost, said, “The entire campus is celebrating you and your accomplishments today. This Hall of Fame class represents what we aspire for all of our students. And that is to go out in their own careers and really make a difference; be the innovator, be the entrepreneur, take what you learned on campus and your own initiative, drive and ideas and change the world in your own way, and you have all done that.”

Read the full Press Release here.

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