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FDH Showcases Proprietary Nondestructive Testing Services at World of Concrete 2019 Posted on Jan 21, 2019

A pioneer in the nondestructive testing (NDT) of critical structures, FDH Infrastructure Services will showcase its proprietary NDT methods at the world’s largest event for companies focused on advancing the state-of-the-art in the concrete industry. FDH will exhibit its expertise in NDT services at Booth #C7403 at the Las Vegas Convention Center when the World of Concrete opens Jan. 22.

FDH specializes in bringing knowledge about what’s underground to the surface. Our techniques for evaluating the condition of critical concrete, timber and steel structures have been refined over the course of two decades of research and 25,000+ field investigations. With FDH’s proprietary methods, we can (1) determine pile lengths when as-built information is missing; (2) identify and map as-built dimensions of reinforced concrete foundations; and (3) determine the size and configuration of concrete reinforcing. In addition, FDH can identify critical structure conditions that warrant repairs/reinforcement and can design and implement remediation solutions.

FDH’s research and development of electromagnetic and dispersive wave propagation (DWP) techniques has led to the award of three U.S. patents and multiple proprietary analysis techniques. Our exclusive NDT methods have been successfully applied to telecommunication towers and their foundations, transmission towers, wind turbines, water tanks, bridges, dams, levees, pipelines, and industrial plant facilities, enabling owners and contractors to make better decisions, enhance safety and reduce costs in maintaining and extending the lifespan of critical structures.

Visit Booth #C7403 to learn more about FDH’s nondestructive testing solutions for concrete structures:

  • Unknown Foundations Identification/Mapping
  • New Construction Quality Verification
  • Embedded Rebar/Corrosion Identification
  • Concrete Material Property Identification
  • Crack/Failure Investigations

To learn more about FDH’s nondestructive testing services, click here or email ndt@fdh-is.com.

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